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Hey, I’m Bella!

I am a photographer based in Northern Utah. I grew up in a small town called Paradise. (Sounds like a pick-up line, but I promise it is a real city.)

I have always had a passion for preserving memories. My sweet Father passed away last November and I wish I had taken more photos with him. That is why I want to provide beautiful, affordable, pictures of you and your loved ones so you can keep those memories forever.

Now that I have given you my professional spill, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

I can’t wait to meet you!


 My husband Brach and I met on Tinder. Just Kidding, we met on www.farmersonly.com TOTALLY KIDDING our story is even better than both of those…Brachen and I met at Utah State University because he was my American Sign Language Lab Teacher. I use to be so embarrassed by that little unknown fact, but now I love it; it is just so fitting to us and our relationship. We didn’t start talking until the semester was over and I was sure my grade was off the line. So not to be “that” girl. (Still failed the class though.) After a little bit, the talking lead to dating, the dating lead to love, then came marriage, and of course two puppies, and baby in a baby carriage.

I started shooting at the ripe old age of four. Now I know a little late in the game to begin, but better late than never. I got a little film camera and I carried that bad boy with me everywhere I went. I captured some what I thought at the time were stunning images of sidewalks, and earth worms.

That little camera took me all the way to college. I became too busy with work, classes and whatever else and photography fell on the back burner.

The day after Brachen and I got home from our honeymoon my Dad got diagnosed with terminal Colon Cancer two weeks to live. Max. I was destroyed. My sweet Pop beat all the odds and was able to live for two full months. After he died I fell into the deepest darkest depression. I was convinced I would never ever feel happy again.

My sweet husband decided it was time I get some kind of hobby in hopes it would bring me more happiness. It was our first married Christmas together and I was trying to play it cool. But my depression had taken over. I woke up, walked out to our tree and saw tons of presents all with my name on it. Brachen slid them to me one by one as I opened individually wrapped: SD cards, batteries, all kinds of UV filters, and a lenses. Then lastly he gave me my first ever DSLR camera.

It changed my life. I could go to a photoshoot and for one full hour I could surround myself with people who were in the all time happiest moments of their lives. And can you guess what happened? Their happiness and positive energy rubbed off on me. I craved that feeling. So I took the plunge and started seriously pursuing photography.

I took a few photography classes in high school and college. And I interned for awhile under another incredible photographer. But for the most part I am self taught.

I majored in Special Education and double minored in American Sign Language and Cryptozoology. During my student teaching I decided no matter how close I was, it just wasn’t for me. So I went rouge, and followed my dreams and I have yet to have looked back.

If you have read this far you’ve probably already fallen in love with me, and need me to be your lifelong photographer. Well let me tell you now, our session won’t be like any photography experience you’ve had to date. I want to be your best friend. I want to straighten your veil, and fix your hair. I want to cry with you as you recite your vows. I want to document the birth of your beautiful baby a few years down the road. And I want to capture your yearly pain free family pictures. I am here for you for the ups and downs. I am more than just a vendor. I am your living breathing new best friend.

I am pretty sure at this point you know everything about me but if you have any questions feel free to message me! I am an open book.

I am so excited to meet you and look forward to making this your best photography experience ever! I will take all the stress away and it will all be smooth sailing!

Let’s do this!