Audrey + Jeremy's Formals | Tony's Grove in Cache Valley, Utah

This shoot was an absolute adventure. I was 30-something weeks pregnant, and we thought it would be a good idea to head up to take pictures around Tony Grove, up Logan Canyon in northern Utah. We had to hike through waist-deep snow in some places!

Audrey had snow boots on underneath the layers of her wedding dress, and I was dressed in full-on snow gear, puffy snow pants included! I made my husband come too in case something happened and worst case scenario, we were stuck up there and I had the baby. 

We took pictures until we froze, and then we’d jump in the truck and warm up for a bit, and then head back out to take some more! It was a beautiful day, but so so cold.

Audrey’s bouquet was so special because about a year prior, Audrey lost her dad to cancer, only about a month after I lost my own dad to cancer. We been good friends for a while and have related on a lot of similar life struggles, so our own bond is something I treasure. Her bouquet had lots of special treasures itself — small photos of her dad and other people near and dear to her heart who wouldn’t be there on her wedding day. If you’re considering a way to honor the special people in your life, this was an incredible way to do it. 

It was such an honor to work with Audrey and Jeremy! They’re such a sweet couple, and it was a lovely time working with them!


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