Indi Senior Pictures | Paradise, Utah

These were probably some of the proudest pictures I’ve ever had the honor of taking. Indi is my little brother who had the hardest high school years experience. His sophomore year, our dad unexpectedly died, and he was required to shoulder more responsibility than a high schooler should be expected to handle! He was shifted from foster home to foster home, and despite all the odds against him for the next several years, he STILL managed to graduate.

He is the sweetest, most handsome, most kind guy you’ll ever meet. He loves horses more than anyone else you’ll ever meet loves them, so when he showed up to his senior photos session with his sweet horse Missy, I wasn’t even surprised.

Indi got Missy just after our dad died, and he’s dedicated hours and hours over the past few years breaking her in, training her, and developing the most incredible bond. Also featured in his pictures is our good dog Patch. We got Patch about six years ago, and was a very scrawny rescue dog when we took him in. He’s really smart, and has quickly grown to be just another member of the family. I firmly believe Indi was so successful because of the support from these two animals!

Indi now works as a fire fighter for the state of Utah and travels all over fighting fires and earning more money than my husband and I combined. Who knew all the money was in the fire business? Indi plans to serve an LDS mission, and is eagerly awaiting his call. I hope he is called to serve speaking Sign Language.

Congrats on graduating, Indi! I’m so proud of you, little buddy!


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