Iyad + Arin Engagements | North Logan, Utah

Iyad called me a few weeks before their engagement session explaining that they were going to be in Utah for only a one-week window, but really wanted to get their pictures taken while they were together here! Iyad is from Canada and Arin is from Pakiston, and Utah is a bit of a middle-ground for them.

They’ve been dating for a while, and their connection was really beautiful to witness during this session! The couple chose a beautiful yellow-flowered field for their engagement session, and I loved the bright colors they wore to contrast with the yellow blooms. Arin’s dress was absolutely beautiful, and ultra-flattering. I loved it!

We took pictures in some rolling hills up in North Logan, Utah, and the beautiful setting was ultimately why they decided on taking their engagements here in Utah! The earth really delivered for their session — the fields and mountainous/hilly backdrop made for some fantastic engagement pictures.


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