Mila Fresh 48 Session | Logan Regional Hospital in Logan, Utah

We took Mila’s Fresh 48 pictures the very next day after her birth. Any pictures of Mila by herself were taken by me, and my good friend Kelly took a few pictures of us as a family on my camera.

Even though I was so so tired from the events of the day before, I was bound and determined to document these special moments with my family! Mila was such a good, good baby. I feel overjoyed that I am blessed with such a darling angel.

It took me about a month to get around to updating these pictures, but they are so special to me and I’m so excited to share them! It was so fun to document our baby girl, and we’d only decided on her name about fifteen minutes prior to these photos. She was laying in her bassinet after being returned to us with her positive hearing test results, pretty fussy, and we were trying to console her by saying, “it’s okay Sloan, you’re alright Sloan,” and she just kept screaming. Finally, Brachen said Emilia, stop crying, and she stopped immediately. I considered it a fluke, and kept calling her Sloan, but she picked right back up on her fussing! So once again, Brachen called her Emilia, and I called her Emilia, and she calmed right now. That little punk went and named herself! Honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything else from her. She’s a dream, and we can’t believe she’s ours.


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