Waite Extended Family Session | Mantua, Utah Poppy Fields

I took family pictures for the Waite family in Mantua this year, and it was a BEAUTIFUL session! Their whole extended family came, from grandma and grandpa on down. This family is actually rooted in Hyrum, Utah, which is only a few minutes away from where I grew up in Paradise, Utah, so it was nice to connect with a family so close to home.

The family dressed in coordinating outfits using shades of pink and blue, both of which are super popular colors right now. We shot in two locations in Mantua. The first was the poppy fields, down towards the front. This family session was taken right at the start of the blooming season for the poppies, so it was a pretty popular spot for photographers that evening, but I think we all did a great job of cooperating and working through a streamlined process to get in and out of that first location quickly, so the crowd didn’t impact us!

Every time the grandparents kissed, the grandkids would say, “ewww, yuck!” To which grandma and grandpa responded, “How do you think you got here??” You know, typical grandparents jokes. This family was seriously a joy to spend time with, I’m telling you.

After we got what we needed in our first location at the poppy fields, we ventured up a small hill to a different spot. I can’t decide which pictures I like best from this family session because even though I LOVE all the bright pops of red from the poppies in those first photos, I also loved the really open backgrounds for the rest of the shoot.

The young boys had a blast directing me towards the end, requesting really fun combinations of groups pictures, like some with their grandpa, and just one of their uncles, or just certain people. This was such a blast, and I’m so excited to share the pictures from the Waite family photo shoot!


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